20 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes to Get you Through Your Busy Work Week

We have all been there. After a busy day we are stumped on what to make for dinner. So we end up in the drive through.

We know this isnt the best choice. But you have to eat!. This was something I struggled with when my sons were young, and even now I still stuggle some days.

It may not be so daunting to some to think healthy and still get dinner on the table. But it can end up boring and mundane. Not to mention repetitive.

I decided to put together a group of healthy recipes that are YUMMY and I have tried in the past. these are my favorite crock pot recipes and guilt free too!



1.) These are not your Moms stuffed peppers.

They are better! Stuffed with pure goodness and guilt free, your going to make this one at least once a week.

Recipe Here

2.) Chili is great any night of the week.

Something about it warms you up and instantly say's you're home. Add a guilt free version to that and it's a home run.

Recipe Here

3.) I just made these last night and my husband raved about them.

He made me pack left overs for his lunch today. You know they are good when he asks for it the next day!

Recipe Here

4.) Everywhere I go these days it seems that a "BOWL" is the popular thing to order.

Usually super healthy and delish! This one will not disappoint!

Recipe Here

5.) There is something to be said for pairing fruit and poultry.

But it becomes absolutley amazing when you can do it in a slow cooker!

Recipe Here

6.) This is perfect for those vegetarians in your life.

I love curry in small doses. This one hit's the nail on the head.

Recipe Here

7.) When I was a little girl and my mom would ask what soup I wanted when i would stay home sick.

I always said minestrone. This is guilt free and the perfect combo of veggies and pasta!

Recipe here

8.) Anything in a bowl mixed with pure goodness is awesome.

You are sure to become addicted to this easy crockpot meal!

Get the recipe HERE

9.) I absolutely LOVE sweet potatoes.

When I made this my husband immediately asked when I was making it again.

Get the recipe here

10.) Who doesn't enjoy a GREAT bowl of soup any night of the week.

Now you can enjoy it guilt free too! This is a 21 day fixed approved soup!

Get the recipe here

 11.) Everyone loves Lasagna.

And this one is amazing. No meat all veggies! YUM!

Recipe Here

12.) No worries this isn't as spicy as it sounds.

At least not to me. Your entire family will LOVE this!

Get the recipe here

13.) Honey & Garlic come together perfectly in this delicous recipe!

I am always looking for healthy ways to prepare chicken. This one is a home run!

Recipe Here

14.) One of my favorite things to order when we go out for Mexican food is tortilla soup.

I was so happy when i came across this yummy version for the crock pot.

Recipe Here

15.) Who doesnt like a big plate of spegetti and meatballs.

But oh the guilt that comes along with it! When I made this it was actually the first time I had ever made spegetti squash. It did not dissapoint!

Recipe Here

16.) In this house we love Kale.

It has so many health benefits! We add it to protein shakes, salads, omelets. The list is endless. You are going to really warm up to this bowl of yumminess!

Recipe Here

17.) I love a good burrito but I dont like the calories that come with the tortilla.

You can take control of your craving with this version of a great chicken burrito with this amazing recipe. (I make a stove top version when I am really hungry!)

Recipe Here

18.) Who doesn't love chinese food.

It just so happens to be our go to take out on the weekends when we feel like staying in and renting a movie. The sodium content will do a number on you though. I always wake up feeling a little swollen after a night of indulgence. This Healthy recipe will do you good and cure that craving for sure!

Recipe Here

19.) What can I say, anything chinese is my down fall!

The only thing I do different with this recipe is use soba noodles. They are packed with protein.

Recipe Here

20.)  Taco Tuesday

You tacos don't have to be full of unknown ingredients from your local eatery. Try these at home. They are scrumptious!

Recipe Here



Hey, If you have a slow cooker recipe you really enjoy, Please share!

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