Healthy Fast-Food Restaurants You Can Eat at in a Pinch!

Healthy Fast-Food Restaurants You Can Eat at in a Pinch!

If you are meal prepping and on a structured diet you may have found yourself out running errands longer than you expected.

Hey, we all have those days. I have been there before and rather than eating nothing at all and risking holding on to future calories, I put some serious thought into where and what I can eat in a pinch.

I have put together a list of approved fast food places you can actually get your approved meals in at and stay on track.

Keep in mind, some of these places may not be available everywhere. But, you are sure to find something in your area that has the same type of choices.

Healthy Food at fastfood chains


CHIPOTLE (Whole Ingredients)

I LOVE this restraunt. Its a healthy option even when you are not following a structured meal plan.

They offer bowls and salads and you get your choice of protein. When you are use to preparing  protein amounts for your structured meal plan you are more than capable to eyeball protein amounts. When ordering a salad , no need to worry, this is a considered a watered down calorie. Eat up!

Chipotle also offers brown rice. So, go ahead, order a bowl with brown rice. With lots of veggie choices you can’t go wrong. Stay away from thier barbacoa though. There are hidden calories in there!

WABA GRILL (Whole Ingredients)

If you are lucky enough to have one of these near you, pretty much everything is a go here! They offer Chicken, Steak and Salmon. Brown rice and Veggies.  When I eat here I usually eat off the childrens menu and so should you while following a structured meal plan. Once you are off  your challenge you can induldge. Good luck though, the larger bowls are almost impossile for me to finish.

PANERA BREAD (Whole ingredients)

Normally I wouldn’t suggest such a place. Because there are so many BREAD Choices!  But, Panera has some really great Items on the menu! They have bowls you can adjust to your desired meal choice and stay within the parameters of your structured meal plan. The salads are amazing. When ordering a salad, make sure to get your dressing on the side. AND, make sure to chose a olive oil and vinegar dressing. This way you can control calories.


This one is tricky. I live in California where everyone is concerned Obsessed with eating right and whole foods. So, it isn’t hard to find a taco shop that caters to your needs here. I have one, my favorite, that grills the meat, chicken and beef on a grill right in front of you. I will ask for them to put it on a bed of lettuce for me and ask for added tomoatoes and sometimes avocado. Add some salsa and you have a burrito bowl!


My husband LOVES this place. I have grown to kinda sorta be ok with it. But, when I am in my structured meal planning mode and I need a quick meal, if pollo loco is near by I know it’s safe. You are safe to get thier tostada  salad without the fried tortilla. They also have bowls and salads to chose from that will keep you on track!


Skip the fries! A protein style burger is always OK! Skip the “Special Sauce” & Bread. I recommend a hamburger joint that actually uses fresh meat. In & Out is one of them.

Here are some other ideas for you if you dont find yourself near a fast-food place.

A grocery store. Most grocery stores have Deli’s. Well, in my neck of the woods they do. You can always hit up the deli and have them slice you up your specific amount of fresh turkey or chicken breast.  Most of my grocery stores also have salad bars. Again, I am in California so this is the norm for us. But, if yours does not, buy a bag salad. open it up, throw your protein in it and enjoy! Don’t forget to grab a fork! (I actually have plastic ones in my car 🤣)

A Sandwich Shop is always a great option too! Just omit the bread and ask them to wrap it protein style for you!  I have done this on occasions.

The main thing to understand is, you CAN stay on track even when you find yourself in a pinch. You will be much happier to be around if you eat, and you wont find yourself famished which may lead to cheating. Fast food doesn’t have to be “bad” per say. You just have to be creative.

Now, think about what you have available to you in your area and check out their menus online. Be prepared always, but, understand that it’s ok if you’re not you have options.

So there you have it! No Excuses!

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