Food Prep is the Secret to Successful Weight loss

Food Prep is the Secret to Successful Weight loss

Have you ever wondered why some people have such success with weight loss when you struggle with it?

I found the secret. Food prep. I started a 6 week challenge 3 weeks ago and meal prep has been a huge factor in why I have already dropped 12 pounds.

I have watched commercials where they claim to help you lose 15 pounds in the first month guaranteed. (Nothing is guaranteed) All you have to do is send them hundreds of dollars and they will send you a box of microwavable food.

Why pay so much money for something you can do in just a couple of hours in your own kitchen?

I agree, food prep can seem overwhelming at first. but once you get the hang of it you will fall in love with it’s ease. And, it saves you money and time during the week!

First things first!

You need a meal plan. If you are trying to lose weight you will need a structured meal plan to follow. I provide my challengers with a fantastic meal plan that helps you to see results fast.

Once you have your meal plan make your list and head to the grocery store.Food Prep Shopping for two weeks at a time ensures that your veggies will stay fresh. I personally like to do 2 days of meal prep through the week. Usually Wednesday & Sunday. When you use sheet pans in the oven for veggies you can roast a couple different kinds at a time.

I also will have my husband grill my chicken for me. The grill adds flavor to your lean meats.

Prepare some brown rice and/or Quinoa for a few days. I dont like making more then a few days at a time. It tends to dry out in the fridge.

Once you have all of your food cooked then you can seperate into containers. If you are on a structured meal plan don’t forget to use a scale to measure out portions.

When your meals are prepped and stored in the fridge it is so nice to grab heat and eat!

Food PrepIt keeps you on track. Keeps you from going through the drive through and there is no guess work on what should you eat.

Each meal is perfectly planned out.

Please excuse the hot sauce in my photo. I can’t go without out it! 😁

I absolutley give 100% credit to meal prep for my success so far.

There have been so many times in the past when I have been on a healthy eating binge and forgot to get the necessities to stay on track and end up eating the wrong foods.

My sister is finding this extremley helpful while at work. She packs 3 meals to take with her, as we are eating every 2.5-3 hours.

This is also very important to weight loss. Keeping your body fueled. When you don’t give your tummy a chance to scream at you your much happier.


You can use almost any food container and purchase them almost anywhere.

These are the containers we use and they are perfect for storing in a lunch box and in the fridge. They help with portion control as well. And are very affordable. About $13.00 a set.

Food Prep

So that’s it. That is the secret to succeessful weight loss. Taking control of your food intake, portion control. Don’t forget that exercise and drinking plenty of water play a roll in a healthier happier lifestyle as well.

If you are interested in a structured meal plan. Please leave a comment below!

I highly recomend meal prep for successful weight loss. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s SO worth it!

Happy cooking!

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