Getting Prepared for Your Challenge-Things You Need to Do NOW.

Getting Prepared for Your Challenge-Things You Need to Do NOW.

Hey Challenger!
I bet you’re getting excited about your challenge.

We start in just 11 days.
Be prepared to amaze yourself during this challenge.

There are a couple of things I need you to do.

  • Please send me your “Before” pic. Whatever you wear you will not wear again until our final. Make sure it’s yours and not borrowed, you want to have access to it in 6 weeks when you’re drowning in it.
  • If you are going to use p96 for your protein, order it now.
  • Navigate your exercise routine. For instance, I have my sister planing my route for my 4 mile walk in her neighborhood so it’s laid out before I arrive.

This is called a challenge for a reason. Because you will be challenged every day to make a change.

Start thinking about what Kind of exercise you will be doing during the challenge. Don’t get yourself all worked up over what you will be giving up. Think about how amazing you will feel when after the 6 weeks is over. I will be here with you the entire 6 weeks cheering you on and will need your support too.

I have had enough of lolly gagging around and waiting for the weight to come off magically. Its time for a extreme dedication!

Support at home is extremely important during this challenge.

Before you begin make sure to let your family know what you are doing. Sit them down and ask them to give you 100% of their support during the 6 weeks.

Let them know that in order for you to be successful you can’t have any distractions or temptations. Let your family know how important this is to you.

Remember, this is only for 6 weeks. Hey, you may have a family member that wants to do it with you!

I am SUPER Proud of each and every one of you for participating.

Do not give up on yourself. Think about how you will regret it after the short 6 weeks when everyone else has had success.

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