When the Lights Come on in Georgia it’s Go Time

When the Lights Come on in Georgia it’s Go Time

Update on my visit to Georgia and our 6 week challenge

I arrived 11 days ago and began my challenge 10 days ago. For those of you who may be out of the loop let me catch you up.

A month ago I hit my all time bottom with how I was feeling about what I was seeing in the mirrior. I felt great and had energy, but my appearance didn’t reflect that.

It was awful feeling stuck in a routine I was finding hard to break.

And I desperately needed to begin my workout routine again and healthier eating habits. We don’t eat horrible, but, some choices could have been better.

I was at a loss as to how I was going to be able to break the routine i had become so comfortable in. For most people it’s easy. For someone who suffers from OCD not so much. Once I create a routine that works perfectly It’s hard adding to it or subtracting to it.

My Sister was visiting California and I realized that we both needed to do something.

But what? She lives in Georgia and I live in California. How could we possibly do someting together and continue to inspire eachother? Thats whn it came to me. I should do a 6 week challenge and go to Georgia to do it.

Crazy right? Honestly I need to explain to you that this is exactly the kind of life altering change that needed to happen for me in order to be successful and I needed to be removed from my comfortable surrounding, completley removed from the 3 yr routine I had created and start to put myself first. 

Could I have been successful from home? Most likely not. Putting myself first has been a struggle since i got married and had children. I do anything and everything for my family, My team, my clients, and my friends. I am always last and tere is usually no more time for that. So Off to Georgia I went!

I’ll be honest, hanging out with my sister is a bonus! We always have a great time! Her husband has been very patient and understanding and super supportive. So has mine. He let me leave (he was kicking and screaming the entire time) No he wasn’t, but, I know he wanted to. 😁 We are very blessed to be married to such amazing men who want nothing but the best for their wives.

The Present

It’s day 10 and we are doing great. We have both lost a total of 9 pounds and we are feeling amazing. Super dedicated and energetic about the whole challenge. With that said, that doesnt mean that we dont have our moments.

I created a 6 week chalenge with a very strict meal plan. No soda, no alcohol only water. Workouts daily and repeat. I dont have a problem with shocking my system with food but the exercise was another thing. At home I can walk 4-6 miles no problem. Its flat. Here, we are walking hills and it’s hard.

No one ever said that exercise was suppose to be easy or feel good, right?

Oh lord you dont know how much I wish that would and could be true. I will say that you feel great AFTER its over and you have accomplished it. But during, its painful. The hills around here are crazy. My sister says I am a stud on the hills 😁 But, in actuality I struggle. There is very little flat ground, just enough to help you catch your breath then another hill. 😳

I wont mention the mom who passed me going the opposite direction pushing a double stroller or the little girl who paassed me running up the hill so she wouldn’t miss the school bus. Show offs. 🤣

The point here is we are doing it. I know that we will achieve our first goal during this 6 week challenge there is nothing that will stop us. We are now at the point in the challenge where we are seeing results. Loser clothing, our faces have thinnned out and we have created a routine that suits us. Nothing but onward and forward for us.

I have inspired so many people during these last 10 days and it is amazing. With only 12 weeks left till Summer it’s the perfect time to get excited about something like this and do it.

What get’s me through the day

My husband and I have pretty awesome Summers. We are Native san dieagans and we have sand in our blood, beach sand that is. When the weather is beautiful we can’t stop ourselves from loading up the beach cruisers and head to the beach. We can spend the whole day there.  Hey, thats my kind of exercise 😎

During the summer it’s easy to eat right and exercise I think. Well, if you come from a place like San Diego it is. You are forced to wear Summer attire, almost annually. So it is a constant reminder of why you should stay in shape. I moved 45 minutes north about 12 years ago, and during the summer it’s hot. We live in the dark. 😳 You have the blinds closed and the air on. And you dont go out until later in the day, preferably after the sun has went down.

So, what do I do to get me through my workouts?

I have chosen a song that pumps me up!

I also think about our Summer beach cruises and our amazing Summer days and how much better I will feel about myself and how much longer I will be able to ride losing these extra pounds. (It’s the little things!) 

You really have to have a purpose. We went to Cabo last Summer and I didn’t enjoy my time by the pool. I was obsessed with how much better I would have felt had I lost the weight prior to going. Why didn’t I? I was in a BAD routine of taking care of everyone else but myself, thats why.  I don’t ever want to feel like that again. EVER.

The point is, sometimes you need a reason to throw on theose workout clothes and get to the gym or walk out that door. Sometimes you need a good song to get you up those hills. But, think about the end result. Think about how amazing you will feel! Think about yourself in a bathing suit relaxing in the sun. Whatever it is. USE IT!!! I am excited to share our results with you over the next few weeks. I wanted to share with you that I am holding another challenge in May. Comment below if you would like to be added to my list of participants.

Do something for you and make the change. You will forever be grateful you did!

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