Our Unique Compensation plan

AnnaSlimWorld, Get paid, Plexus Comp plan


Personal Volume, Retail Profit and Wholesale Commissions

Earn up to 25% in commissions on customer purchases and your own product purchases.

Preferred Customers Bonus
When your customers sign up for monthly shipments, you earn extra commission on their purchases.

Personal Volume Override Commissions

Sponsor a new Ambassador and receive Override Commissions of 5% of their Personal Volume (PV) over 100.

Business Building Bonus

Earn a bonus on the Welcome Pack your new Ambassador purchases.

Achievement Bonus

Earn one-time bonuses each time you reach a new rank. The amount increases with each level.

Fast Start Achievement Bonus

Launch your business strong, and you could earn generous Fast Start Achievement Bonuses during your first 30 days.

Plexus Points

Earn Plexus Points for each Ambassador (with 100 PV) on your team (up to 7 levels down), and receive a bonus on the number of Points you’ve earned.

And thats just for starters!
Four more ways to earn are available as you move into leadership.